Welcome to Bern, Switzerland! We have been very fortunate that several world-renowned experts on pain have agreed to ponder the question: “What can we learn from animal models and humans to better understand and treat pain in veterinary patients?” Our exciting program delves into the interpretation of translational research for veterinary medicine, neuropathic pain, optogenetics, glycine and sodium channels, as well as assessment and treatment modalities including the Facial Action Coding Systems (FACS), acupuncture, and regional analgesia. The medieval city of Bern has been designated as UNESCO world heritage site since 1983 and is located very close to the alpine peaks of the Bernese Oberland. The city is situated on a peninsula that is outlined by the sparkling river Aare. Therefore, make sure to pack your swimsuit because one of the highlights of summer in Bern is a refreshing swim in the Aare !

31 August 2022 — 2 September 2022
2:40 pm

VonRoll University Centre Bern

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