The emerging, interdisciplinary field of Bioinspired Materials focuses on developing a fundamental understanding of the synthesis, directed self-assembly, and hierarchical organization of naturally occurring and synthetic materials that mimic and manipulate biological systems. A diverse array of bioinspired materials will be discussed, ranging from lipid and synthetic membranes, peptides and proteins, tailored dynamic active matter, protein condensates, and polymer-cell hybrids that mimic functional tissues. Speakers will describe how these materials could be used to engineer materials for diverse applications ranging from the development of artificial membranes and synthetic cells (protocells), the systematic delivery of therapeutics, the assembly of functional organoids, and the design of materials that can manipulate the immune system intelligently.

The 2022 meeting was postponed from 2020. By mutual agreement among the meeting chair and co-chairs, we tried to carry forward the same themes and speakers from the 2020 meeting. This meeting will have an emphasis on early stage investigators, and will provide an open and inclusive environment for the exchange of ideas, with vibrant poster sessions from which short talks will be selected. The meeting will be preceded by a Gordon Research Seminar for graduate students and postdoctoral associates to present their work to each other before the conference, as well as a Power Hour to address the challenges that women encounter in developing their independent careers.

5 June 2022 — 10 June 2022
2:40 pm

Eurotel Victoria Les Diablerets

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