Leveraging the Inner Development Goals Framework and Initiatives of Change methodologies honed over 75 years, the Caux Inner Development Goals Forum provides a platform for participants from diverse backgrounds to collectively address contemporary challenges. Embraced within an atmosphere of trust, care, solidarity, and respect, the Caux IDG Forum encourages open and deep discussions, fostering self-reflection on how personal transformation can initiate broader and collective change. In alignment with the workstreams, the Caux IDG Forum facilitates a unique convergence of the SDGs and IDGs, addressing challenges that demand inner capacities in our complex world.

Participation in the Caux IDG Forum entails unlocking individual and collective potential, urging reflection on roles, exploration of resources, and a connection with responsibilities as change-makers—believing that every individual can contribute significantly. It involves actively embodying the Inner Development Goals Framework in daily practices. The interaction between participants will help many find inspiration, tools, courage and effective strategies for their efforts and may lead to the launch of initiatives beyond the Caux IDG Forum.


9 July 2024 — 13 July 2024
2:40 pm

Caux Conference Centre

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