The first Contact Mechanics International Symposium (CMIS) took place in Lausanne in 1992. The 10th edition of CMIS was initially planned in May 2020. Due to COVID, it is now scheduled from May 2022. It will be held in presential only, subject to health restrictions depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be hosted in the Prealpina hotel in the city of Chexbres, in the beautiful region of Lavaux, a short distance from Lausanne. CMIS started from the desire to gather researchers interested in a broad range of topics in theoretical, computational and experimental contact mechanics. The 10th edition of CMIS will pursue this tradition of interdisciplinary research and foster intense discussions and exchanges by assembling a group of leading researchers in a pristine location. During these three days, we will discuss a wide panorama of topics in the area of contact mechanics with the objective to reinforce interactions and collaborations between the various communities.


Following the tradition of CMIS symposia, the aim of this symposium is to gather researchers from the mathematical and engineering communities working on various aspects of contact mechanics, using theoretical, experimental and computational approaches.


The congress addresses a wide panorama of topics in the area of contact mechanics in order to reinforce interactions and collaborations between various communities:

• Models, friction laws; wear; tribological modeling; cohesive zone models; rolling;
• Emerging computational approaches: methods, algorithms and numerical analysis ;
• Mathematical analysis ;
• Dynamic contact problems, instabilities ;
• Nano and micromechanics of contact and multiscale approaches ;
• Multiphysics and thermomechanical coupling ;
• Granular materials and rigid bodies ;
• Contact modeling in mechanical and civil engineering, biomechanics and geomechanic

23 May 2022 — 25 May 2022
2:40 pm

Hotel Prealpina Chexbres

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