A special event is approaching: The first Swiss Senators’ Conference COSEKO will take place from in Zurich. It will be a beautiful and worthy event with many highlights. The locations are also unique: our “night on fire” on Friday evening, for example, will take place in an old cigarette factory, and on Saturday we will be in the most beautiful guild house in Zurich, the Zunfthaus zur Meisen.

The programme of the 1st COSEKO is impressive:
Guided city tours (also in English) on various topics: Old Town, Archaeology and Zurich’s Red Light District.
A visit to our local Turicum Distillery with GIN-making workshops and tastings.
Senators’ bar and cigar lounge
Evening entertainment by, with and for senators: On Friday evening with DJ Midnight Boris Litmanowitsch #71887 and on Saturday evening Piano Lounge with Sebastian Begert #71523 and (singing) guests.
The General Assembly of the Association of Swiss Senators JCI will take place on Saturday morning at the Zunfthaus zur Meisen, as well as the lunch and from 6.00 pm the official reception and the gala evening.

We would be delighted to welcome a delegation from various countries around the world to the first COSEKO and to share beautiful, exciting and unforgettable moments with our senators from near and far.

21 October 2022 — 23 October 2022
2:40 pm

Zunfthaus zur Meisen Zurich

Link to the conference