Taught on campus at EPFL, the Data Science for Managers (DSFM) program balances theory and practice to quickly cover the most-important aspects of Data Science. You will learn in a highly-interactive environment, through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, exercises, case studies, problems, and visualizations. DSFM helps executives, managersengineers, and other professionals understand when AI works, and when it does not. You also will learn to spot new opportunities to adopt data-driven models – a proven path to advance your career. We also take time for brainstorming and networking with peers to help you convert opportunities into real-world results.

This course covers core concepts, models, and case studies for Data Science.
Executives will quickly gain a high-level understanding of an otherwise deeply technical field, and the course will help you to separate AI-reality from AI-hype. Above all, the course will help you identify opportunities that can make a real difference to your bottom line.
The course is limited to 10 participants to foster discussion within the group.

1 September 2021 — 2 September 2021
2:40 pm

SwissTech Convention Center Lausanne

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