ESAFON is a Swiss registered non-profit association helping family offices, private & institutional investors, tech entrepreneurs to engage in global and scalable strategic impact investment issues. The ESAFON key objective is to drive the impact agenda forward and encourage private and public investors to use impact investment to enhance financial and social returns, better manage risks taking into account externalities and engage stakeholders within the impact ecosystem while preserving the interests of investees. With 100 honorary members and a network of best in class impact experts, the ESAFON Mission is to help investors & investees create and access global impact investments towards Net Zero agenda 2050.

ESAFON Members network with major international impact leaders through think tank meetings, workshops and social events. Thanks to ESAFON and its high profile impact expert network, the Family Offices which are strong drivers of Impact Investing, will learn how to develop the strategic and practical tools to master the hard and compiling process to due diligence and risk assessment. ESAFON has launched The Swiss Impact Investment Initiative S3I with the objective to gather expertise to scale impact globally from Switzerland.
This implies to transform the Swiss Impact Investment Ecosystem including private banking, philanthropic foundations, family offices as well as pension funds and life insurance/re-insurance, NGO, Academia,& Govenment to drive economies of scale and collaboration amongst investors, intermediaries and investees around Global Impact Investment Projects with a dual bottom-up and top-down approach centered on the interests of investees.

ESAFON acts as Strategic Impact Advisor to Corporates, SMEs and Start-Ups, supporting several SDG 14 projects such as an international coalition to safeguard the Red Sea coral reef and the business development of the first cargo industrial ship owner to create a bi-monthly North Atlantic Roll on/ Roll off route with 11000t ships using sails as main propulsion thus reducing carbon emission by 80%.
ESAFON Family Office Impact Investment Platform is a Private Investment Platform with limited access to active registered ESAFON Members who are looking for impact investment project opportunities.
ESAFON Strategic Impact Advisor do undertake a first due diligence screening of the impact investment projects before posting on the platform to ensure that the impact projects proposed for investment are sustainable and scalable with an acceptable long term financial return.
ESAFON is a Member of the World Ocean Council (WOC), an international, cross-sectoral, not-for-profit industry alliance for “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”. ESAFON and WOC share the same vision for a responsible use of an healthy ocean. They join forces to enhance collaboration in bringing together all stakeholders and the investment community to advance the development of a sustainable and productive blue economy.
ESAFON is a member of UNEP – FI, The UN Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative, a leadership community accelerating the transition towards the sustainable use of the world’s ocean, seas and marine resources.

17 November 2021
2:40 pm

Movenpick Hotel & Casino Geneva

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