The EuBIC-MS Developers Meeting is organized each second year by the European Bioinformatics Community for Mass Spectrometry (EuBIC-MS), an initiative of the European Proteomics Association (EuPA) for user-oriented bioinformatics.

This meeting is aimed at bringing together computer scientists and developers in the field of proteomics bioinformatics to discuss and work together in an open and constructive spirit. The program is split between keynote lectures and multiple hackathon sessions where the participants develop bioinformatics tools and resources addressing outstanding needs in the proteomics bioinformatics and user community.

The 2023 Developers Meeting will be held on  January 2023 at the ETH meeting platform Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF), Monte Verità, Ticino, Switzerland. This year, the keynotes are focused on the use of AI in proteomics.

Through the parallel hackathon sessions, participants will be able to engage in the active development of novel achievements for mass spectrometry-based proteomics. This can encompass the creation of new tools, scripts, resources or any other collaborative project important for the field. Anyone in the field can submit a proposal for a hackathon project. The final list of hackathons will be selected by the organizing committee.

15 January 2023 — 20 January 2023
2:40 pm

Congressi Stefano Franscini Ascona

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