We look forward to welcoming you to two days of international exchange and inspirational keynote speeches, workshops and presentations at Bern University of Applied Sciences, Bern, Switzerland. The 19th European Doctoral Conference in Nursing Science is a meeting point for PhD students from all over the world. The conference takes place in Bern, Switzerland, and is organized by PhD students in Nursing Science from the Bern University of Applied Sciences (Switzerland), Maastricht University (the Netherlands) and the Medical University of Graz (Austria).

The conference provides the opportunity to

  • Meet and build contacts with colleagues all over the world
  • Present a research project as part of their thesis
  • Share experiences and information in the area of nursing research
  • Learn what is currently happening in nursing science around the world
  • Meet the Profs

Professors and other nursing- or faculty staff are welcome to join the audience. About 100 people from a variety of European countries attend the conference each year. On this website you can find all information regarding the 19th conference in Bern.

9 September 2022 — 10 September 2022
2:40 pm

Bern University of Applied Sciences

Link to the conference