The Conference EARTH 2024 logo represents key themes and challenges in various sectors. “E” stands for economics, emphasizing the critical role of finances. “A” represents agriculture, highlighting the importance of farming and food sources. “R” is for recruitment, addressing the people problem in the workforce. “T” symbolizes time, emphasizing efficiency in the equipment world. The significance of “H” is clear: it represents the health and well-being of our industry.

The overall theme for 2024 is to stabilize food and inflation, making the industry more attractive as a long-term career. The focus is on embracing sustainability and environmental responsibility. The speaker envisions a shift towards industrial de-revolution, moving away from the practices of the 18th-century industrial revolution, such as carbon burning and fossil fuels, and emphasizing sustainability in agriculture and other industries.

17 September 2024 — 20 September 2024
2:40 pm

The Circle Convention Center Airport Zurich

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