The Global Forum, the world’s largest gathering devoted to participatory and direct democracy, will be held from September 2022, in the beautiful lakeside city of Lucerne. After 14 years, the Global Forum returns to the country where it all began in 2008 with the Aarau Forum. Coming out of a devastating public health crisis and moving closer and closer to an irreversible climate disaster, we will have much to discuss. We will look both backwards to the long Swiss tradition of direct democracy and forwards to innovations that combine tools of direct and participatory democracy, to ways to use direct democracy to protect our planet from climate change, and to best practices for youth democracy. On the last day of the Forum – 25 September – we will be able to witness direct democracy in action, as the whole country heads to the polls in a national voting day. Sign up now to stay tuned on the 2022 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy.

21 September 2022 — 25 September 2022
2:40 pm

Venue to be announced Lucerne

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