The next 5 July 2021, HRC organizes a day of local and international exchanges (Online events) among research centers and laboratories on contemporary urbanization in transition. Researchers and scholars from ENAC, EPFL and UNIL are invited to share ideas and proposals for action aiming at transversal research initiatives on urbanization and urbanized territories!

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS (IDEAS AND ACTIONS) TO RESEARCHERS AND SCHOLARS FROM ENAC, EPFL AND UNIL: In the frame of environmental and demographic changes, urbanization is (re)emerging as a crucial field of investigation. Contemporary urbanization and urbanized territories must be approached with regard to the complex problems they raise, but also as part of many sustainable solutions in order to implement a necessary socio-ecological and spatial transition. Transdisciplinary approaches bridging academia and society are needed for the design of future ecological, healthy and productive habitats.

HRC INVITES RESEARCHERS AND SCHOLARS FROM ENAC, EPFL AND UNIL TO SHARE IDEAS AND PROPOSALS FOR ACTION AIMING AT TRANSVERSAL RESEARCH INITIATIVES ON URBANIZATION AND URBANIZED TERRITORIES. We encourage the short presentations (10 to 15 min) to focus mainly on future challenges and opportunities, rather than past research achievements. The presentations will be followed by a collective discussion among contributors and auditors.

5 July 2021
2:40 pm

Online Lausanne & Montreux

Link to the conference