The  ICCA Central European Chapter Meeting and the ICCA Future of Healthcare Meetings events in Zurich will be supporting the Tikondane Orphanage Centre,  located in Kabwe, Zambia. The participants of the chapter meeting will be engaging in a creative activity to support the children at Tikondane.

The Tikondane Orphanage Centre offers a nurturing environment for 21 children and 3 students, managed by a dedicated team of three employees. It was founded by Elsbeth and Jürg Noti from Zurich, who have poured immense passion into this initiative. The orphanage sustains itself by cultivating approximately 15 acres of farmland and maintaining a large vegetable garden. These efforts, combined with donations, enable continuous and meaningful development of the orphanage.

29 August 2024 — 31 August 2024
2:40 pm

The Circle Convention Center Airport Zurich

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