The mission of the Institute for Family Governance (“IFG”) is to implement strong governance that endures. This is achieved by empowering beneficiaries through inter-generational planning. Our values are serving families through: (i) open discussion, (ii) multi-disciplinary collaboration and (iii) know how exchange among families and the trusted advisors who serve them. IFG Webinar: Leadership, values, and strong governance: how to create and maintain a charitable institution that has been relevant and beloved for more than 150 years. IFG Webinar: What Comes After the Sale of the Operating Business? IFG Breakfast Workshop: Will Your Wealth Unify or Destroy Your Family?—What Can You and Your Trusted Advisors Do to Increase the Odds for Success?. IFG Breakfast Workshop: Sustainable and Impact Investing’s Greatest Challenge: How to Measure, Verify and Validate Results—Lessons and Insights from Leading Investors and Thought Leaders.

7 June 2022
2:40 pm

Schellenberg Wittmer AG Zürich

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