The 4th International Collective Action Conference is set to take place on at the University of Basel. Hosted by the Basel Institute on Governance, the in-person conference will bring together leading figures from the public and private sectors and international, academic and non-profit organisations to explore:

What’s on the agenda?

Numerous governments and international organisations endorse Collective Action as a flexible, collaborative approach to address corruption and promote fair and sustainable business.

So do a growing number of business leaders and compliance professionals, who see the value of multi-stakeholder engagement to develop pragmatic solutions to shared challenges. There has been a strong uptake of Collective Action tools for clean procurement – such as Integrity Pacts and the High Level Reporting Mechanism – as well as joint initiatives to set industry standards or develop anti-corruption certification schemes.

Collective Action is increasingly referenced in global standards, corporate compliance programs and investor guidelines. The concept is evolving, expanding and shifting into the mainstream. Collective Action is now becoming a standard element in private-sector compliance programmes.

Through panels and practical workshops, the conference participants will discuss and seek practical approaches to:

  • What does it take to turn high-level support for Collective Action into concrete commitments and actions that bring tangible benefits to businesses, governments and citizens?
  • What role can international organisations, national anti-corruption authorities, businesses, practitioners and researchers play in shaping Collective Action as a global norm?
  • What is the potential of Collective Action to address issues that cut across corruption and sustainable development, such as human rights and the environment?

Who will be there?

The 1.5-day conference is a unique chance to interact with individuals who have been key to shaping the evolution of Collective Action to address bribery, fair competition and human rights and raise standards of integrity across industry sectors and economies around the world.

This includes the leaders of projects supported by the Siemens Integrity Initiative, which has been a driving force behind the global uptake of Collective Action since 2009.

Alongside these and other Collective Action practitioners, the conference will welcome representatives from international and regional organisations and standard-setting bodies, governments, businesses, civil society and research institutions.

Conference at a glance

  • 30 June–1 July 2022 (1.5 days)
  • University of Basel campus in Petersplatz, Basel, Switzerland
  • Organised by the Collective Action team at the Basel Institute on Governance
  • Combines panels, hands-on workshops and networking opportunities
  • Pre-registration is required. Only persons who receive a confirmation of registration will be admitted to the conference, which will be free of charge.

30 June 2022 — 1 July 2022
2:40 pm

University of Basel

Link to the conference