In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich, Kusnacht, we are pleased to announce an international, interdisciplinary three-day conference on the crucial topic of emotions and its relevance for analytical psychology.  C.G. Jung’s complex theory is based on the study of emotions and their embodied symptoms. Following his analysis of complexes through the association experiment in the early 20th century, emotions were viewed as the main indicators for his understanding of the individual psychodynamics. The unfolding of emotions highlights the singularity of the person, the complexity of coping mechanisms and relational patterns. Emotions are the driving forces behind our social and psychic life. They allow us to connect with ourselves, the other, and with nature. From the viewpoint of analytical psychology, beyond their importance for the individual life, emotions help us to perceive and understand collective and archetypal dynamics in society. Contemporary psychology is experiencing a resurge of interest into the role of emotion, conscious and unconscious, and the body in various aspects of cognition, consciousness, and psychic life. An ongoing trend in neuroscientific and psychological studies of embodied emotion emphasizes interdisciplinary perspectives and proposes the indivisibility of body and mind. In psychotherapy research and practice: attention to the interplay of emotions, bodily perceptions, and consciousness is becoming predominant.

30 June 2023 — 2 July 2023
2:40 pm

Jung-Institut C. G.

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