The energy industry is transforming to balance energy security with sustainability and affordability, driven by stakeholder demands for low-to-no carbon systems and improved ESG performance. 2022 marked a dramatic change in the perception of the market: the provisioning of reliable and affordable energy is essential for the economy and preserving the living standards of our communities. The energy product portfolio is diversifying with LNG, hydrogen, alternate fuels, renewables, CO2 capture services and more.

The industry needs to transition by providing the capability to simulate and optimize their supply chain and operations, manage both their carbon footprint to produce new products, and manage the carbon intensity of the products themselves. As an industry, we need to provide the opportunity for energy businesses to adapt, shape new alliances with other sectors and remain resilient.The 2023 International SAP Conference for Energy marks these recent changes, with a shift towards sustainability, process efficiency, resiliency, and security at the heart of our agenda.

18 April 2023 — 20 April 2023
2:40 pm

Congress Center Basel

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