Addressing adult protection has become a matter of pressing concern and wide attention in a world with rapidly aging populations. Across Europe, policymakers are facing the question of how to ensure that all individuals are offered the support they need while being allowed to live lives of dignity. This includes older adults who have become cognitively impaired as well as young adults who have mental disabilities stemming from intellectual disabilities or psycho-social illness. In legal studies, the topic of adult autonomy is generating particular interest in two subdisciplines: family law and disabilities law. Research and activity in both areas are actively shaping discussions on policy, but each takes a somewhat different framework of principles as the starting point. This conference organised by the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (ISDC), Family Law in Europe: Academic Network (FL-EUR) and Faculty of Law University of Geneva aims at bringing the two perspectives together. This conference will be the first in the series of the FL-EUR conferences, where the initial results of the FL-EUR work on the its first project Empowerment and Protection of Vulnerable Adults will be presented.

12 May 2021
2:40 pm

University of Lausanne

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