The global coronavirus pandemic that we have been witnessing since January is having a huge impact on our lives, personally and/or professionally, and it is also having a big impact on congresses and conferences around the world. Although the ISR Congress seems pretty far from now, it is not at all guaranteed that conditions will be conducive to our holding a successful Congress in July 2021. In fact, even when a vaccine or an effective treatment is available, at first international travel will still be challenging, the world economy won¹t have rebounded to its previous state, and participants in high-risk groups still will be reluctant to travel. At first, we considered organizing a virtual or hybrid (half virtual and half in-person) event in 2021. However, the latter is quite an expensive and risky solution if it turns out no one is able (or allowed) to come, and the former would not allow for one of the most important parts of an International Rorschach Society Congress: the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from other countries.

Our main goal is to organize a great Congress, without undue health and financial risks, for the benefit of the participants and the ISR. The Organizing Committee judged that conditions in 2021 were not met to achieve this goal and therefore decided to postpone the Centenary Congress to July 11-15, 2022. The year 2021 is a very important anniversary date for the International Rorschach Society (100 years since the publication of the inkblots), and although the Congress is being postponed, the Organizing Committee is working on projects and activities that will take place in 2021, and that will keep us all in contact and prepare us for the 2022 Congress. Moreover, 2022 will be the centenary year of Hermann Rorschach’s death, and so by postponing the timing of the Congress by a year, we will be able to commemorate both his life and his work. Do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter in order to get information about these activities, as well as information and news about the 2022 Congress.

We hope you are all safe and healthy and we look forward to working withyou on a wonderful ISR 2022 Congress!

11 July 2022 — 15 July 2022
2:40 pm

Centre Médical Universitaire Geneve

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