The purpose of IFKAD 2022 is to understand the knowledge drivers affecting the organization’s capacity for resilience and transformation. Today, companies live in a complex business landscape that requires them to be more resilient, imaginative, intuitive, and flexible. Organizations are challenged to face the increasing complexity, turbulence, unpredictability, and competitive environment change. Many different forces and trends (re)shape the new business landscape, and the fast-evolving (digital) technologies and sustainable challenges are forcing breakthrough and disruptive innovations. To survive and prosper, organizations must transform businesses and behaviours to respond to the business landscape’s evolution, translating challenges into development and growth opportunities. Indeed, the current business landscape is characterized by continuous digital and sustainable transformational challenges. In this perspective, both private and public organizations need to generate, manage and exploit tacit, explicit and practical knowledge to drive and sustain transformation and stay competitive. Many different factors affect the creation of a transformational culture and make an organization resilient. In particular, the knowledge and intellectual capital assets represent critical drivers to catalyze, facilitate e support the development of an organizational transformative capacity and resilience.

At the 17th edition of IFKAD, we wish to extend our theories, findings, and business discourses about the nature, characteristics, and dynamics of knowledge drivers defining an organization’s capacity to embrace and govern digital and sustainable transformation and make organizations resilient. We aim to understand how knowledge management can support organizations to become resilient and transformative for sustainable organizational value creation capacity.

We look for your contribution to make IFKAD 2022 the forum and the place to advance our understanding of how managing knowledge organizations can face business and socio-economic challenges. The multidisciplinary field of knowledge man­agement can provide valuable insights to help leaders and managers to think and rethink their organizations to equip them with a knowledge management capacity to absorb and react to disruptions and crises effectively.

20 June 2022 — 22 June 2022
2:40 pm

SUSPI University Manno

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