The subject of competencies is highly topical. “Future Skills”, “Digital Skills” and competence management are intensively discussed, debated and experimented with. Companies ask themselves: “What skills do we need in the future and how do we get there?”. Employees ask themselves: “What training and further education do I need so that I can cope with my current job or be attractive for a new employer?” Dozens of competence studies, models and conferences deal with these questions. The companies must start and anchor the topic of competence management in their own company and understand it as part of an organizational learning process. If the topic of competence management is part of organizational learning, then possible weak points are identified and new competence requirements are discovered in regular collaborative reflection phases. These findings then flow into the next version of their own competency model. This means that a competency model and the competencies compiled there (“Future Skills”, “Digital Skills”) do not have to be complete or exactly the right ones at the beginning. Embedded in an organizational learning process, they have a “self-correcting effect” and improve “on their own” over the years.

The Learning Innovation Conference 2023 illuminates this complex of topics with 6 trend-setting key questions.

key questions

1. What is Digital Competency? — Define

2. What digital and non-digital skills are required in companies and organizations? — Competency model

3. What technological possibilities are there for competence measurement and related educational measures? — Tools, systems, technologies

4. Who is responsible for competency management in a company or organization? — Strategy / leadership

5. What skills requirements do different generations and stakeholders have? — Demographics, generations, diversity

6. What developments are companies and organizations facing? – Future

The Learning Innovation Conference 2023 is aimed at managers and educational specialists from companies, administrations and educational institutions who are responsible for developing skills at the levels of strategy, methods and technologies.

13 April 2023
2:40 pm

ibW Höhere Fachschule Südostschweiz Chur

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