SwissEnoV is a Swiss  company, created in 2011 with its registered office in Valais. At SwissEnoV we partner with the world’s most inspired healthcare thinkers and innovators to engage with our customers and hospital leaders across Europe, Americas and China. By surrounding itself with this expertise and by auditing international best practices, SwissEnoV has developed a vision at the forefront of healthcare innovation, to guide and coach healthcare leaders internationally.

SwissEnoV has successfully completed strategic services related to improving the performance and quality of healthcare systems, accompanying leaders to adopt innovative solutions, by advocating the adoption of new technologies as a vector of change. Our main areas of expertise and only in the world of health are:
– The organization of  study tours for boards, hospitals and clinics, from A to Z
– Accompany and Coach Healthcare leaders to embrace innovation(Machine Learning, AI, Robotics, Data Sharing,..)
– The conduct of Benchmarks between hospitals(Europe, America, Asia ..)
– Assistance and facilitation of partnerships with the healthcare industry
– Leadership and project management.

28 January 2021
2:40 pm

Online Valais

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