This webinar, organised by the FIDIC International Financial Institutions Committee, will look at how FIDIC, its member associations (MAs) and the multilateral development banks (MDBs) can work better together and develop a more effective partnership (a Partnership with Purpose) on a range of key issues. The webinar will examine four key themes which underpin the relationships between FIDIC, its MAs and the MDBs – The funding of Infrastructure; Engineering better total benefit from infrastructure; Risk and resilient infrastructure, and Transparency and Contract standardisation.

The webinar will also discuss how the engineering community can partner with the MDBs to bridge the Infrastructure Gap, how FIDIC and the work of its IFI committee can help to build this bridge and look at the key next steps in developing a really effective partnership between FIDIC, its members and the MDBs.

Attendees at this webinar will be able to hear from expert speakers who will address the above in the context of where the industry and the world finds itself now as we slowly move into a post-Covid world. Some of the key questions to consider include: – Has the pandemic set infrastructure back in developing countries and opened up a funding gap? How can the engineering community partner with the MDBs to bridge the infrastructure gap? How can green infrastructure enable sustainable development? How can contracts be standardised to facilitate better project outcomes? How can we increase resilience and build trust and transparency after the pandemic?

Crucially, the webinar will address how, through building a Partnership with Purpose, FIDIC, its member associations and the MDBs can work better together to leave a lasting legacy of world-class efficient infrastructure that can transform the lives of global citizens.

16 November 2021
2:40 pm

Online Geneva

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