The field of protein degradation has accelerated, and substantial interest is owed to its promise to therapeutically degrade proteins proving intractable to classical small molecule inhibition. As the field patiently waits for clinical trial readouts, some say we are entering the next era, beyond current targets and disease indications. Ongoing research efforts in academia and industry prepare us for the next wave of challenges that need to be overcome:

  • Building up the foundational knowledge in the molecular glue space through novel rational glue discovery and design approaches and innovative structural tools to model ternary interactions
  • Novel strategies towards defining and clinically demonstrating the most optimal target classes and boosting the current E3 ligase repertoire beyond CRBN- and VHL-based mechanisms
  • Innovative approaches towards improved drug-like properties showcasing optimized oral bioavailability and DMPK/ADMET profiles to bring us a step closer to optimized clinical translation
  • Case studies that investigate TPD opportunities outside the realm of oncology while addressing potentially disguised hurdles therein and acquired resistance mechanisms

11 October 2022 — 12 October 2022
2:40 pm

Congress Center Basel

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