Advances in structural nanomaterials require a wide range of research paths that encompass their synthesis, properties and stability. In nanomaterials, length scales are intricately connected to the material’s behavior since surfaces, grain and grain boundaries become prevalent components of the formed structures and alter their overall response to mechanical, thermal and electrical stimuli. Understanding the complex connections of all these components leads to the field of materials science; where design, synthesis, characterization and behaviors are studied and engineered to understand and incorporate nanoscale phenomena into structural materials.

The 2022 Gordon Conference on Structural Nanomaterials will focus on the design and synthesis of nanostructures while featuring a wide range of topics including: nanomechanics, hierarchical materials, advanced characterization, atomistic simulations and heretical design and properties. The conference will bring together a diverse international collection of investigators bringing new ideas to the field, for detailed discussions and mutual education. Junior scientists and graduate students will present their work in poster sessions and interact with leaders in the field. The program is designed to promote informal interactions across the boundaries of disciplines and cultures, to identify the critical directions for the field.

8 May 2022 — 13 May 2022
2:40 pm

Eurotel Victoria Les Diablerets

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