Ukraine Reform Conference 2022 – Together on the road to Lugano

Switzerland is honoured to accept the relay baton from UK, Denmark, Canada and Lithuania and host the 5th Ukraine Reform Conference in 2022 in Lugano. This jubilee will be an important moment for taking stock of the key reform results and for discussing among friends and partners the future reform priorities, which are essential for a peaceful, innovative and prosperous Ukraine.

Why Switzerland? Switzerland has been a long-standing and credible partner of Ukraine in political, economic, financial and cultural spheres. Our 20+ years of effective cooperation in support of Ukraine’s transformation became important building blocks for the ambitious and comprehensive reform agenda launched after the Revolution in 2014.

I wish an inclusive and positive process “On the road to Lugano” with events in Ukraine and abroad, discussing important topics with all concerned actors. A shared responsibility to transform Ukraine and achieve shared prosperity! I am looking forward to heading for this great journey as a co-chair of this Conference in my home region of Ticino.

Ukraine Reform Process: a thorny but rewarding way to go

Over past years, Ukraine has been working hard to secure the European and Euro-Atlantic choice its people made in 2014. We fight on two fronts simultaneously: external Russian aggression and domestic vested interests trying to obstruct reforms. And despite all challenges, we have reasons to be proud. Neither forces managed to kick our country off the track. Ukraine slowly but surely prevails in this struggle. No other Central European nation has dared to undertake a historical task of such scale in the past few decades.

Ukraine is happy to have many true friends and partners standing shoulder-to-shoulder with us along this challenging path.

Switzerland has always been an important partner of Ukraine and we rely on its continuous support in achieving tangible results of Ukrainian reforms. 2022 marks 30 years since we established diplomatic relations. I am confident the Reform Conference in Lugano will be an excellent occasion to underscore our partnership getting stronger over the years.

4 July 2022 — 5 July 2022
2:40 pm

Venue to be announced Lugano

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