After a year 2020 marked by the Covid pandemic, November 2021 will be the occasion to meet again for Swisster 21, the World Congress of Sterilization Sciences, which SGSV/SSSH/SSSO and WFHSS are pleased to organize in Geneva, from November, 17th  to 20th  2021. As Switzerland is a multilingual country, the organising committee will, for the first time, offer this world congress in 4 languages: English, German, French and Spanish. Simultaneous translations in these 4 languages and the organisation of the spaces at the Geneva International Congress Centre (CICG), Calvin’s city and headquarters of many international organisations, will enable us to meet this challenge. We hope that many of you will honour with your presence this event in which we take such pleasure in participating every year. Debates, new technologies, research studies, experiences feedbacks, exchanges of views and satellite symposia will all be opportunities to demonstrate our resilience to the international health situation and to showcase the wealth of new ideas in the field of medical device reprocessing. It will also simply be an opportunity for us to get together socially, as human relations are more than ever at the centre of current concerns. The SGSV/SSSH/SSSO will be happy to introduce you to a part of Swiss culture and to prepare for you a slice of cantonal traditions and a fondue of conviviality.

17 November 2021 — 20 November 2021
2:40 pm

Centre International de Conférences Genève

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