The Zurich Forum for Sustainable Investment (ZFSI) is a leading sustainable finance event where investors can learn about best practices and meet key asset managers and main players in the sustainable finance industry. The objectives of this event are:

  • Remind the financial community of current international corporate social responsibility, governance and environmental stakes;
  • Promote Switzerland as an innovative hub for sustainable finance in an increasingly competitive environment;
  • Showcase SRI products and services to an audience of wealth management experts;
  • Rally sustainable investment leaders around a platform showcasing their management abilities.

Throughout their cumulative 16 editions, the ZFSI and GFSI have constantly evolved and strengthened their image among the various actors in sustainable finance. Not only have they succeeded in attracting an audience of specialists, but they also have broadened their circle of participants to include the larger community of investment professionals. The GFSI/ZFSI have become a key events in the development of sustainable finance and sustainable investment.