Cell death and inflammation are two intimately connected biological processes. Emerging evidence demonstrates that different types of cell death greatly influence the outcome of infection, tumor surveillance, immunological and neurological disorders. At this conference, we will examine the molecular mechanisms that regulate various cell death processes and how they impact on tissue homeostasis and inflammatory responses in both healthy and disease settings. The GRC and the accompanying GRS will bring together world-leading experts, rising junior scientists, postdoctoral and graduate trainees to share and discuss the latest groudbreaking discoveries on these topics. In addition to the plenary session talks, the poster sessions will provide another platform for the exchange of ideas. The Power Hour will provide an informal forum to address career development issues that are relevant to the success of scientists at all levels. We seek to create a collegial and intimate atmosphere to foster productive brainstorming and to promote collaboration.

15 May 2022 — 20 May 2022
2:40 pm

Eurotel Victoria Les Diablerets

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