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Did you know that the healthcare system contributes to approximately 5% of global carbon emissions—more than aviation and shipping combined? This statistic, revealed by the Geneva Sustainability Centre, not only emphasizes the critical importance of adopting sustainable practices in healthcare but also underscores the urgent need for their discussion within medical conferences. As associations and organisations convene to address pressing issues in healthcare, integrating discussions on sustainability becomes crucial. Medical conferences serve as pivotal platforms for exchanging ideas, driving innovation, and igniting change within the healthcare sector. This realisation sets the stage for considering Geneva not just as a conference destination, but as a driver for meaningful actions on sustainability in healthcare.

Leaving a sustainable legacy

When you choose Geneva as the destination for your conference, you are not just selecting a location; you are opting to leave a positive, sustainable legacy. Collaborate with the Geneva Sustainability Centre, powered by the International Hospital Federation, to enable your delegates to continue their sustainability journey effectively. Established in 2022, this centre is dedicated to driving net-zero, climate-resilient, and sustainable healthcare practices. Its mission? To equip current and future hospital leaders with the tools, information, and skills necessary to lead sustainable transformations at all levels of healthcare institutions.

Commitment to sustainability

Geneva, renowned as a hub for green and social finance and home to numerous international organisations dedicated to sustainable development, establishes itself as the ideal platform for impactful discussions by engaging local change-makers and facilitating knowledge exchange.

Moreover, initiatives such as Switzerland’s second-largest solar power plant located at the Palexpo conference centre, efficient rail connections to major European cities, and a robust public transportation system exemplify the city’s commitment to environmental protection.

A hub for scientific excellence

By organising a conference in Geneva you gain access to high-class experts from the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG), the University of Geneva, ranked 49 in the highly prestigious Academic Ranking of World Universities, and the CERN, and its newly inaugurated Science Gateway. With experts, professors, and researchers eager to contribute to the advancement of science, the destination serves as an ideal setting for fostering collaboration and innovation towards a better world.

International recognition

Geneva has solidified its reputation as one of Europe’s premier destinations, securing a coveted position among renowned rankings. Noteworthy recognitions include features in the New York Times list of the 52 must-visit destinations and securing the fourth position among Europe’s top destinations to visit in 2024 by European Best Destinations. The destination’s standout achievement includes earning the title of the city with the ‘Best Quality of Life’.

Geneva Convention Bureau: your independent door opener to the city

The Geneva Convention Bureau brings you its extensive knowledge of the meeting industry and the destination to provide customised solutions. Our neutrality regarding our large network of partners enables us to give you the best advice depending on your wishes, budgets and needs.

Geneva – A Hub for International Expertise

Alain Pittet
Director Geneva Convention Bureau

Geneva is home to 39 international organisations and 432 NGOs. What advantages does this bring for the meetings industry?

Alain Pittet: Geneva is not only home to all these international organisations which include the UN and WHO and NGOs, but also HQ of numerous European and World associations and federations as well as HQ of large multinationals in the fields of perfumes, banking and finances, watchmaking and IT services. In addition, the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) are the largest university hospital in Switzerland and work closely with the World Health Organisation (WHO), which awarded HUG with referral centre status in 6 medical areas. Furthermore, Geneva is hub of different sciences with the CERN, Campus Biotech, the University of Geneva and many other institutions. All of the above points are often crucial for international associations when deciding where to hold their congress or global event, as they guarantee a high number of potential participants from Geneva and surroundings.

What else is important for potential conference organisers?

Alain Pittet: There are of course many points. Geneva is an ideal location for conferences due to its central location in Europe, excellent transport connections, and world-class facilities. I will definitely start with accessibility. Because of the many international organisations and associations, Geneva can be reached very easily and quickly with its intercontinental airport and by train. There are 140 direct flights from Europe, Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East, and important cities such as Paris and Milan can also be reached very sustainably by train in 3 to 4 hours.
Arriving at Geneva Airport by plane, participants who are staying at a hotel in Geneva can travel to the city centre in just 7 minutes with the free of charge Digital Transport Card they received in advance. Worth mentioning are of course the high-class venues such as Palexpo, the CICG and the many large hotels with their own meeting infrastructure. Geneva is also known for its unique natural beauty, with the Alps and Lake Geneva providing a stunning backdrop for any event.

What are the latest developments in Geneva?

Alain Pittet: A new location, CERN Science Gateway, which will open in summer 2023, will certainly be important for meeting organisers. It will be an emblematic education and outreach facility. Through immersive exhibitions and hands-on educational activities, it will enable people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in the discoveries, the science and the technologies of CERN. Inspired by CERN’s technical buildings and underground tunnels, CERN Science Gateway will consist of five different spaces that will host exhibitions, hands-on laboratories, a large auditorium, a shop and a restaurant, all connected by a bridge 6 metres above-ground. With more than 2 000 square metres of solar panels and surrounded by a forest of 400 trees, CERN Science Gateway will have a net zero carbon footprint.

And what about the hotel situation in Geneva?

Alain Pittet: There are some new hotels such as the Marriott, Adina, InterCity and B&B, which have now increased the number of rooms to 11,660 in Geneva and to more than 15,000 if we consider the radius of 20 minutes travel time around Geneva. The many additional rooms in the 3 and 4-star range are important for organisers of medical congresses. The Marriott Hotel, which opened last autumn, very close to the airport, also has interesting conference and meeting spaces that are of interest to meeting planners. Furthermore, we know that some of the 5-star hotels will be renovated in the next few years, which will further increase the attractiveness of Geneva for travellers from all over the world.

Conferences in Geneva Region