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Ground-breakers and experience stagers, we imagine, design, and operate audiovisual environments that inspire audiences to action. We believe in a world where great events are made of experiences and where technology unleashes and triggers emotions. We believe that to leave a mark, you have to take the untrailed path. And to go on these roads, you might want to get a partner backed by a 45-year track record of success and reliability.


We are Event designers, Production managers, Architects, Technical designers, Sound engineers, Project managers, Creative technologists, Motion designers, Video experts, PPT Designers, Storytellers, Lighting technicians, Lighting designers, Internal process managers, Streaming specialists, Video technicians, Technical innovation managers, and we are out there, working together, to explore ways to expand the potential of your event.


We Unleash the Power of Engagement

We create audiovisual experiences to stage your message on the event scene. Our technical experts and architects of emotions blend design, technology, and content to translate your objectives into a tangible experience that builds strong bonds between your brand and your audience. Our sphere of action extends across live, virtual, and hybrid experiences, ensuring that no matter the format or location, we deliver impactful and memorable engagements.

We Craft Seamless Visual Environments

Design plays a pivotal role in shaping the impact of an event. Our specialists in design create seamless and captivating visual environments that command attention, accentuate your brand’s essence, and provide the perfect frame for your event objectives. From concept to execution, we ensure every detail is meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impression.

We Empower Brands with Technology

Technology is a powerful tool that can amplify your message and reach. Experimenters by blood, powered by creativity, we are constantly looking for ways to create new vectors of emotion and engagement through technology and make events more connected, engaging, and impactful.

With a dedicated Creative Technology department, we help bridge the gap between conceptual ideas and technological advancements, driving innovation and projects into the future. By leveraging a blend of emerging technologies, we imagine and implement interactive, digital, and immersive experiences, empowering companies to strategically advance and embrace the opportunities of Industry 4.0.

We Elevate Content Creation

Content is more than just information – it’s a powerful tool that creates value and drives meaningful connections. When wielded effectively, it has the power to evoke emotions, captivate attention, educate, reshape viewpoints, and mobilize action. At Dorier, we understand the transformative potential of content. We believe that content transcends mere words and images; it’s an investment in your business’s future. By delving deep into the essence of brands, we craft visual content that not only achieves objectives but also resonates deeply with people.

Our approach is rooted in understanding your audience and crafting narratives that speak directly to their needs, desires, and aspirations. Whether it’s through compelling storytelling, immersive visuals, or interactive experiences, we ensure that every piece of content we create leaves a lasting impression and creates true interest.

Slides Matter Too…

As the heartbeat of every successful event, content should extend to presentation slides. Yet, they are too often overlooked. Recognizing that every element in creating a truly immersive experience should be considered, we have launched a PPT design service dedicated to revitalizing presentation slides and ensuring that every aspect of your event is curated with excellence. Just as we craft compelling visual content for the stage, our team is committed to transforming dull, cluttered slides into captivating narratives that reinforce your message and engage your audience. From vibrant graphics to sleek layouts, we’re here to ensure that every detail contributes to the overall success of your event.


Because we make it simple – Streamline your communication efforts and access a complete, holistic series of in-house resources + expertise without engaging with
multiple vendors.

Because anywhere becomes possible – Our international offices and extensive global network of over 120 qualified audiovisual partners ensure Swiss-quality service reaches every part of the world.

Because our creativity follows strict processes – We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and there is a proven quality management system behind everything we undertake. We hold our clients as a number one priority and this label is a guarantee that we deliver what we promise, using a measurable and controllable process.

Because we care – Amongst all the missions we have, one of the most challenging is to minimize our carbon footprint and help our clients make their events more sustainable. Our ISO 14001 certification and UN Global Compact signatory status underscore our commitment to environmental management and ethical practices. So if you’re looking to make your mark in the industry while leaving a smaller footprint on the world, we are the partner you’re looking for.

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