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Kongresshaus Zürich AG

Gotthardstrasse 5
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Zurich Convention Center, managed by CEO Michel Loris-Melikoff, is famous in Switzerland and throughout the world. It boasts breathtaking views of Lake Zurich and hosts a wide variety of events : conventions, public events and shows, as well as company AGMs, private parties and banquets. We’re sure you’ll be inspired by our choice of rooms and spaces which offer plenty of flexibility.

Internationally renowned

Zurich Convention Center’s architecture is a prime example of its period, yet it remains one of the most versatile convention centres in Switzerland, able to accommodate almost any event.

Approximately 5,300 sqm of floor space is available for conferences and exhibitions, and 20 rooms (complete with foyers) can accommodate up to 4,500 people. The history of the building and its architecture are closely linked to the 1939 National Exhibition in Switzerland, a major event whose aim was to showcase Switzerland’s diversity.

Designed by Max Ernst Haefeli, Werner Moser and Rudolf Steiger, Zurich Convention Center shares its building with the world-fa-mous Tonhalle, and this opens up additional opportunities for national and international event organizers, concert promoters, companies, associations and private individuals. Zurich Convention Center is synonymous with reliability and quality, and is the No. 1 event venue in Zurich.

An outstanding location on Lake Zurich

Many world-famous stars have appeared at Zurich Convention Center. Jazz legends have wowed audiences here, as have entertainers and a variety of rock and pop stars. Winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature, US presidents, Federal Councillors, business leaders and international personalities such as the Dalai Lama have all honoured us with their presence. We’re also a partner of Zurich Film Festival, thereby enabling us to provide some unique cinema experiences.

Sustainability is very important to us

We’ve received a number of awards that recognize our commitment to implementing climate-neutral initiatives. In this context, Zurich Convention Center achieves the biggest impact in its day-to-day operations by providing a corresponding catering concept which includes the use of regional and sea sonal products and an imaginative range of vegan and vegetarian dishes. When it comes to the building itself, the focus is on covering 70% of heat regulation requirements by using water from nearby Lake Zurich. Our central location is also one of the most important climate-related criteria: you can reach us on foot or via public transport from anywhere in the city of Zurich. None of this incurs any additional costs for event organizers, so events at Zurich Convention Center will provide some lovely memories without harming the environment.

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