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Have a meeting where others enjoy swissness. Our infrastructures and wide choice of hotels leave nothing to be desired, whether you’re looking to hire star architect Jean Nouvel’s world-famous KKL Luzern Culture and Convention Centre or any of Lucerne’s numerous other superb multifunctional facilities and hotels.

Lucerne is the geographic and historic centerpiece of Switzerland. The city of Lucerne and the Lake Lucerne Region are thus frequently referred to as the pocket-size Switzerland. And rightly so, for there is no other region which offers so much Switzerland in such a small amount of space: The city of Lucerne, with its tradition and appeal as a metropolis in the heart of Switzerland and the Lake Lucerne, which has the most extensive inland Navigation system in Europe, close by mountains from which a 360° panorama of the Alps can be enjoyed all year round.

Lucerne is not only one of the world’s most famous and best tourist stops but also a charming distinctive place in which to hold conventions with the necessary infrastructure. Moreover, Lucerne offers an ideal combination of business and leisure. Stylish and perfectly appointed meeting rooms and conference halls in many hotels and a number of event centers create an ideal infrastructure for incentives, conventions, meetings and tradeshows in an attractive environment.

And with a number of new openings and large rennovations yet to come the region is sure to stay one of the top business destinations in Switzerland.

The Lucerne Convention Bureau (LCB)

The LCB will put its detailed local knowledge and experience at your disposal, free of charge, for the planning of your event. As a networker for providers specialising in the conference, meeting and convention trade in the Lake Lucerne Region, we have many valuable tips ready for you.

Benefit from our services – free of charge

  • Hotel handling for small events
  • Advisory service from A – Z
  • Ideas and suggestions for delegate programmes
  • Personal support with site inspections
  • Support in bid presentations
  • Compilation of information materials for your guests

Facts about Lucerne

Altitude 436 m a.s.l.
Surface area 29,06 sq km
Population of the city 82,922
Population of the province 390,151

Capacity of hotels in Lucerne

Hotels 5* 540 rooms
Hotels 4* 1,448 rooms
Hotels 3* 684 rooms
Others 779 rooms
Total City of Lucerne 3,451 rooms
Total Lake Lucerne Region excl. City of Lucerne 9,746 rooms

Train minutes to

Zurich 40min
Interlaken 1h 50min
Basel 1h
Berne 1h
Lugano 2h 30min.
Geneva 2h 50min.

Lucerne - A Premium Destination

Isaline Grichting
Head of Lucerne Convention Bureau

Lucerne is well renowned as an attractive tourist destination not just because of its location with the lakes and mountains but also because it seems to reflect the real Switzerland. How do you leverage this popularity from a MICE perspective to make it attractive for real business related events?

The city’s combination of modern amenities and traditional charm, along with a commitment to Swiss values, creates a unique and attractive setting for conventions. In essence, Lucerne provides a seamless blend of professionalism and scenic beauty, making it a standout choice for hosting successful business events, where efficiency and a pleasant atmosphere converge.

Whilst on the topic of being located in the centre of Switzerland, Swissness is an important aspect of the attractiveness of the Lucerne Convention Bureau. Why is that exactly? What makes Switzerland especially attractive as a convention country and why Lucerne in particular?

Swissness is a key factor in the appeal of the Lucerne Convention Bureau and Switzerland as a convention destination. Switzerland is renowned for its efficiency, precision, and high-quality services, making it an ideal choice for business events. Lucerne, nestled in the heart of Switzerland, offers a central and easily accessible location with its proximity to Zurich Airport. The city impresses with short distances, as most hotels and venues are within walking distance or connected by an efficient bus network. Lucerne boasts excellent infrastructure with 56 hotels and venues accommodating up to 5,000 people. Overnight guests gat to enjoy not just the splendour of the city but also to experience the rich cultural offer that exemplifies Lucerne.

A newly coined word, Swisstainable has become all the rage these days. What exactly are we to understand by this term? And if your Bureau embraces the underlying spirit that represents the concept of Swisstainable how do you implement it in a fashion that makes it not just good for the environment but also for event organizers?

Swisstainable, a blend of “Swiss” and “Sustainability”, summarises our commitment to responsible practices. We are actively involved in the Swisstainable programme by focusing on environmentally friendly venues, renewable energy, local partnerships, sustainable transport and community involvement, and supporting our partners in this. The programme always incorporates the approach of all three dimensions of sustainability. With our Susainable Event Manual, we provide tips and inspiration for sustainable event planning in the destination of Lucerne Lake Lucerne Region. (

Would you consider the Lucerne Convention Bureau a particularly innovative organization? If yes, could you name a few innovations in recent years that exemplify your innovative spirit?

Yes, the Lucerne Convention Bureau prides itself on being an innovative organization. Recent innovations include the integration of virtual and hybrid event solutions, advanced event technology, and personalized attendee experiences. These innovations cater to the evolving needs of event organizers and contribute to making Lucerne a cutting edge destination for conferences and conventions.

What exciting projects do you have planned for 2024 and even beyond that you would like to share with our readers?

While specific details may be subject to ongoing developments, the Lucerne Convention Bureau is actively introducing contemporary event formats and collaborating with local businesses to provide unique offerings. Stay tuned for updates on projects that will elevate Lucerne’s status as a premier MICE destination in the coming years.

Conferences in Lucerne Region