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Conferences in Zurich Region

Well on the way to becoming a “smart city”: Zurich is one of the most sustainable convention destinations in the world. An excellent transportation network, short distances, and a strong commitment to a worthwhile future: Zurich is the ideal place to host sustainable events.

Zurich is one of the most sustainable convention destinations in the world, ranking third in the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS) 2019. Climate-neutral excursion activities, hotels with sustainability certification, short distances, and a highly efficient public transportation network: Zurich provides the perfect framework conditions for holding sustainable events.

From a regular convention hotel to a modern event hall, or from a tradition-steeped guild house to a terrace with a lake view, Zurich has the perfect venue for every event imaginable. Many of which take into account values such as environmental friendliness, economic efficiency, and fair working conditions.

Between the city and Zurich’s very own mountain, the Uetliberg, the five-star hotel Atlantis by Giardino is a certified partner of Green Globe and therefore implements the principles of sustainability. On the other side of the city, the environmental management system of the Dolder Grand complies with the Earthcheck Company Standard. It is located on a great spot on the hill near the Zoo, which also offers great event locations such as the tropical Masoala hall.

What the future brings

The climate neutral convention center, Kongresshaus Zurich, will get a new dress and is closed for renovation until March 2021. Meanwhile Zurich can offer several options to place your larger events. The Umwelt Arena Schweiz, for instance, is the most sustainable event location in the world. The spectacular architecture (CO2-neutral powered building) of the 32,300 sq.ft Arena offers an ideal backdrop for large-scale events, and provides a perfect venue on the border between economy and ecology. The location also offers a variety of leisure activities on the theme of mobility, including test drives with 2-, 3- and 4-wheel electric vehicles, cooking events in the kitchen and team challenges in the exhibition halls.

An exciting project, The Circle will be a destination in itself at Zurich airport. The Convention Center will form a conference area with over 3000 sqm – the capacity in the largest hall reaches 1,500 people. It is the largest building ever awarded by Minergie. A Hyatt Regency and Hyatt Place complete the offer with 550 rooms. The opening is planned for September 2020.

Group experiences with impact

After an exhausting business meeting, Zurich has diverse and fun group activities to offer, all of which provide a climate-friendly experience. A cookery course about sustainable nutrition, where participants discover the surprising diversity of edible insects. Or team games with various challenging activities, all of them with newest electric powered vehicles, from twowheelers to top of the line e-cars.

Visit meeting.zuerich.com/nachhaltigekongressstadt and receive tips on how to make your upcoming event more sustainable.

Zürich Tourism Convention Bureau

The Zürich Tourism Convention Bureau is the first point of contact for conventions in the city of Zürich and surrounding region, and is responsible for congress marketing for the destination Zurich both in Switzerland and abroad. As your local partner, the Zurich Tourism Convention Bureau will accompany you from the initial bidding stage right through to the imple- mentation of your congress, meeting, or event.

On doing so, our experienced team takes into account values such as environmental friendliness, economic efficiency, and fair working conditions.

Conferences in Zurich Region