This year will be the 24th edition of the Alpine Colorectal Meeting. From January 2024 we will meet in Davos in the Swiss Alps. At 1560 m it is the highest town in the Alps! The Morosani Schweizerhof, where most participants will stay is located in the heart of Davos and close to mountain railways. It welcomes you in a warm & elegant style. The congress will take place in the GardenHall meeting room which is 274 sqm with daylight. We hope this congress venue will contribute to both the scientific and social quality of the meeting. It will give everyone the opportunity to reach the session hall easily and to spend time discussing the issues both inside and outside the conference hall. The scientific content is chaired by Roel Hompes and our excellent Program Committee. The sessions will include a video session on operative challenges, sessions on new technologies in training and mentoring, challenging colorectal dogmas and many more.

Of course we will have again all the usual great case presentations and BIG DEBATE. At a time when there are many competing symposia, the Alpine Colorectal Meeting has a very special appeal. The relatively small group includes some of the major opinion formers in this area, with an opportunity for lively discussion and comment not possible in the big meetings. We hope that many colleagues will come for the first time Alpine Colorectal Meeting in Davos. Find out what is the breaking news in our specialty, join in the debates and make new friends at what is simply the best boutique meeting in colorectal surgery.

28 January 2024 — 30 January 2024
2:40 pm

Morosani Schweizerhof Davos

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