Swiss Life Arena / ZSC Lions AG

Swiss Life Arena / ZSC Lions AG

Vulkanstrasse 130b
8048 Zürich
Tel: +41 44 545 91 84

In October 2022, 92 years after the club was founded, the ZSC Lions moved into their own stadium, the Swiss Life Arena, heralding a new era for one of Europe's biggest ice hockey organisations. The Swiss Life Arena sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency, architecture and multi-functionality, making it the ideal venue for corporate events of all types and sizes.

For large-scale events for up to 12,000 people to smaller and medium-sized gatherings such as congresses, seminars, conferences, presentations, etc., the Arena’s versatile room portfolio covers almost every event requirement. All in a sporty , emotional and innovative environment.

In addition to the main arena, one of the highlights is the “Lions Auditorium”, a hightech, multi-functional plug-in room with a large LED wall, front sound system and moving lights with a capacity of up to 300 people.

The sports arena and its proximity to the ZSC Lions mean that any event can be enriched with attractive and exciting activities. These could include a guided tour of the stadium, the integration of a presentation by a representative of the Lions organisation or an activity on the ice rink.

Ideally located near Zurich-Altstetten railway station, the arena is easily accessible by public transport, both local transport in the city and greater Zurich area as well as long-distance connections from all over Switzerland.

In addition to state-of-the-art technology, including Europe’s largest LED cube a 360° LED ribbon and over 220 LED screens, the arena also boasts an infield that can be completely covered without thresholds, a high ceiling load, numerous event wardrobes and its energy efficiency.

The Swiss Life Arena has been awarded with the Minergie-Certificate (a Swiss construction standard for new and renovated buildings) for its outstanding features in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and climate protection.

The certification recognises the ongoing commitment of the owners and operators to environmentally friendly practices and innovative energy solutions.

The architecturally monumental facade, designed by Caruso St. John Architects, promises many magical hockey nights and extraordinary small, medium and large events to come.

Facts & Figures for Swiss Life Arena

• Largest LED Cube in Europe
• State-of-the-art event technology
• Event rooms for 10-12,000 participants
• Lions Auditorium for up to 300 people
• Swiss Life Lounge for up to 1200 people
• Public restaurant and bar
• Minergie certified

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