If you work cross-culturally, you understand the unique challenges global workers encounter on the field. Changes in language, social systems, identity, values, climate, geography, political unrest, and work roles contribute to stress. Added pressures come from working with multinational teams, visas, children’s educational needs, health issues, isolation, relationships (single or married), funding and more. No wonder global workers become discouraged and lose heart.

Breathe is a retreat intentionally created for the renewal and encouragement of those who are in need of a break from global work. Under the guidance of member care professionals, you’ll have time to debrief and talk through issues impacting you. The June retreat is 10 nights for individuals, couples and families;  children and teens participate in programs designed to meet the unique needs of TCKs. The September retreat is 8 nights for individuals and couples (no kids).

Breathe offers the space, time, content, and community to reconnect with God in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

21 June 2023 — 1 July 2023
2:40 pm

Credo Schloss Unspunnen Wilderswil

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