CareArt Basel will focus on When the body and mind are sick. The aim of this year’s congress is to address and deepen a variety of topics related to somatic-psychological comorbidity. National and international experts, as well as those affected, convey new knowledge from research and practice and discuss with you how coordinated care for this patient group can be made more person-centered in the future.

According to the media, we are chasing from one crisis to the next: climate crisis, energy crisis, financial crisis, structural crises in the health system and armed conflicts. Life crises that affect and shake us personally are not even mentioned. We use the word crisis almost inflationary for everything that seems uncertain and threatening to us. But what does a crisis really mean?

A crisis (Latin crisis) is a climax or turning point of a potentially dangerous development in a natural or social system. Crises can trigger feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness or helplessness. However, crises also offer chances and opportunities to try out new coping strategies, to look for new solutions and to become creative – to do this in the interplay of learning and creating new things.

CareArt basel.23 is a forum in which we address and reflect on a variety of topics related to uncertainty in healthcare and discuss creative solutions.
National and international experts explain new findings from practice, theory and research and share their experiences in lectures and workshops. You can choose between different formats for the workshops: interactive seminars (S), evidence-based short lectures (KV), case studies (FS) and hands-on workshops (HS).

13 June 2023 — 14 June 2023
2:40 pm

University Hospital Basel

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