Geopolitics, war, and the overhaul of the global energy system have combined in the 2020s to demonstrate, once more, the centrality of many commodities to the global economy. Commodity traders are being sought out by governments to ensure continued access to key resources, while producers are being asked to boost supply.  The promised electrification of the global energy system is encouraging new investment into critical minerals and their supply chains. The El Nino weather phenomenon continues to pose new challenges for agricultural markets, yet carbon credits for soil and the greening of the sector is driving new investment. As geopolitics shifts in an increasingly multipolar world, the risk of sanctions and trade restrictions rises. New centres of trading activity are challenging the dominance of existing players. And while traders and producers are benefiting from demand driven by the energy transition, they too must seek to decarbonise. How will the commodity industry navigate this new world order? Now in its 13th year, the Commodities Global Summit has established itself as the pre-eminent gathering of senior commodity executives, traders and financiers. They will share their insights on the key issues facing the industry across three days, in conversation with leading FT journalists.

8 April 2024 — 10 April 2024
2:40 pm

Venue to be announced Lausanne

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