Colorectal THRIVE – Congress Where Colorectal Surgeons THRIVE: Four days of state-of-the-art professional education in colorectal surgery. Onsite in the historic city of Fribourg, or online. Earn up to 27 CME credits. At Colorectal THRIVE from Sun 30.03.2025  to  Wed 02.04.2025, 40 key opinion leaders from 12 countries will cover all of colorectal surgery for you: From cancer to IBD, and from the management of complications to clinical applications of AI and virtual reality. Further topics include diverticular disease and endometriosis, the latest implications of the microbiome, proctology and pelvic floor, genetic syndromes for the clinician, and prevention and treatment of incisional and parastomal hernias. The choice is yours: Attend all sessions, or book individual days.

Register now to experience: 

  • 3 days of single-stream expert lectures in colorectal surgery
  • 1 full day of interactive colorectal surgery masterclasses, including our Masterclass in Hands-on Robotic Surgery on Sunday March 30, 2025

30 March 2025 — 2 April 2025
2:40 pm

Forum Fribourg

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