Impact for Biology and Society –  The symposium is dedicated to the theme of epigenetic inheritance, a recently emerged discipline at the interface between biology, medicine and environmental science that studies how life experiences and environmental factors modify the organism across generations. It is the fourth edition of an international conference dedicated to this topic held at ETH Zurich first in 2017, and again in 2019, with an online symposium held in 2021. The 2023 symposium will gather leaders from different disciplines working on epigenetic inheritance, and cover aspects from behavior to metabolism in humans and animal models. It will feature keynote lectures from leaders in the field and short talks from young researchers, and provide a platform for discussion and debate about the current state of research, new findings and discoveries, challenges of the discipline and perspectives for biology, medical research and the society. In addition to the symposium, a workshop will be organised with the John Templeton Foundation.

27 August 2025 — 29 August 2025
2:40 pm

ETH Zurich

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