This highly specialised meeting will integrate contents from both the former ESMO Sarcoma GIST & Symposium and the ESO-ESMO-RCE Clinical Update on Rare Adult Solid Cancers, bringing  together the most brilliant medical minds working on these tumour types. The ESMO Sarcoma & Rare Cancers Congress will constitute a unique occasion for the international rare cancers community to network and collaborate, featuring discussions with key opinion leaders in these sub-entities. The congress will focus on the heterogeneous cohort of rare histologies across organ sites, and on their common themes: from diagnosis and pathology, to multidisciplinary expert management, from targeted therapies and precision medicine, to research, methodological challenges and policy. We look forward to welcoming you next spring to Lugano for three days of debates on the advancements in the treatment of rare cancers.

The ESMO Sarcoma and Rare Cancers Congress 2023 will provide insights into the diagnosis, prognostication, management and ongoing research of patients with rare adult solid cancers. Specifically, the Congress will include educational and scientific sessions covering:

  • State-of-the-art multidisciplinary management of patients affected by the 10 families of rare solid tumours, as defined by the European Reference Centre networks
  • Insights into the biology, molecular classification and diagnostics of sarcomas and rare cancers
  • Latest original scientific research data
  • Precision therapeutics for rare cancers and some rare molecular subgroups of common cancers
  • Research methodological, policy and advocacy issues focusing on rare cancers

20 March 2023 — 22 March 2023
2:40 pm

Palazzo dei Congressi Lugano

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