The Nanoparticle Conference in 2024 (NPC-24) is organized as an on-site conference at the ETH Zürich. It serves as an interdisciplinary platform for expert discussions on all aspects of nanoparticles, freshly emitted from various sources, transformed in ambient air, distributed on local and global scale, on technical mitigation aspects, particle legislation, and impact of particles on health, environment, and climate. The conference brings together representatives from research, industry and government.

Aerosols-24: Joint Conference on Nanoparticles and on Workplace and Indoor Aerosols

The COVID pandemic and the measures implemented to abate the release and transport of virus-containing aerosols have proven the importance of indoor exposure. We can announce that the NPC-24 will be organized together with the Workplace and Indoor Aerosols Conference (Aerosols-24). Accordingly, a focus of the joined conference will be on indoor particles and aerosols at workplaces. This part is co- organized together with the Aerosols Conference team and time is reserved on June 13 and 14, 2024.

NPC-24 Health Session

The session will provide new experimental and epidemiological results about health consequences of combustion emissions and nanoparticle exposure.

Conference Topics

  • Aircraft, marine and other non-road sources
  • Ambient air particles, secondary pollutants
  • Biomass-, biofuel- and synfuel combustion
  • Brake and tyre wear, non-combustion emissions
  • Emission control of combustion engines
  • Environmental effects
  • Filtration of combustion and biogenic nanoparticles
  • Health effects
  • Impact on climate
  • Indoor particles
  • Legislation and enforcement
  • Nanoparticle formation and transformation
  • Nanoparticle metrology and chemical characterization
  • Nanoparticle chemistry and toxicology
  • Occupational exposure and prevention
  • Periodical technical inspection for in-use vehicles

10 June 2024 — 14 June 2024
2:40 pm

ETH Zurich

Link to the conference