Eurovox, the European congress for voice teachers and voice professionals, is usually organised and hosted every 2-3 years by one of the 23 national member associations of the European Voice Teachers Association (EVTA) in cooperation with its executive committee (EVTA board). The programme includes lectures, workshops, and paper presentations by renowned voice teachers and other professionals who work with voices.

At the congress all aspects of working with voice, including artistic, pedagogic, medical and social, are investigated and discussed. Working together with others as a singer – singing with other singers in choirs or ensembles, working with conductors, composers, other musicians, pianists, a band, sound engineers, or with a director in musical theatre or opera has been explored.

EVTA also organises a Young Professionals Programme (YPP) which is designed to enable young artists to participate in voice conferences, including Eurovox and ICVT. Around 10 singers usually take part in the program.

20 August 2026 — 22 August 2026
2:40 pm

Lucerne School of Music

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