This biennial Gordon Research Conference has become the premier venue for researchers from academia, national labs, and industry to share their latest ideas and exciting research findings related to flow and transport in permeable media. The 2022 meeting will be an outstanding forum for recognized leaders in their respective fields to get together and meet exceptional young scientists (PhD students, post-docs). The conference will highlight theoretical, experimental, and field research aimed at understanding fundamental interactions between fluids, chemical elements, minerals and materials, energy and life in porous and fractured media, and discuss their consequences across scales and disciplines. Specific topics and speakers will focus on: micro-scale fluid dynamics and interfaces; structural disorder, complex fluids and upscaling; CO2 sequestration; deformable porous and fractured media; innovative sensors and data assimilation for monitoring subsurface processes; biogeochemistry and reactive transport; soil processes from micro to continental scales; fractures, hydromechanics and seismicity; and coupled flow and transport in ice and planetary systems.

17 July 2022 — 22 July 2022
2:40 pm

Eurotel Victoria Les Diablerets

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