The Forum of Mayors is a ground-breaking initiative allowing mayors to gather in a formal UN body in Geneva and discuss global challenges that affect them, to adopt declarations, and convey their recommendations to UN Member States. It is an initiative that fosters a new and more inclusive multilateralism, where actors like mayors can, alongside States, take part in global debates and develop collective solutions that respond to people’s concerns.   

The Forum of Mayors is unique within the UN system and the GCH is proud to be a partner since its first edition in 2020.

The Forum of Mayors, is an formal body of the United Nations, meeting in Geneva.

As an official, recorded and broadcast meeting of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the Forum can be followed in two different ways:

  • Everyone can watch it live or watch the recording on the UN television channel (UNTV).
    Simply click on the link above at the time of the meeting to watch the webcast of the event.
  • In-person participation is limited and requires an official accreditation by a diplomatic mission or accredited NGO, or an official invitation from the UNECE secretariat.

30 September 2024 — 1 October 2024
2:40 pm

Palais des Nations Geneva

Link to the conference