The geopolitical landscape is one of shifting alliances, rising powers and ongoing conflicts. In particular, the focus is on relations between the major powers as well as regional tensions and the influence of actors such as China, Russia and the USA. This has a direct impact on global markets and requires investors to have a deep understanding of political developments. Geopolitics also affects Switzerland, which has to assert itself in a complex and dynamic environment.

At the “Fund Experts Forum”, geopolitical topics are given priority, with the focus being on macroeconomic changes and their impact on the portfolio. The role of Europe and the positioning of the West are crucial for the adjustment of investment strategies. What do these changes mean for Swiss monetary and interest rate policy, and how can companies adequately adapt to these developments? What impact do different scenarios have on different asset classes? Finding effective asset allocation strategies is crucial to achieving the goal of “Set the Focus”.

We offer the ideal platform to delve deeper into these topics, share insights and develop strategies for successfully navigating the complex waters of geopolitics. Our twelve partners and we look forward to diving into discussions with you. Take advantage of the opportunity to exchange ideas and expand your network. Secure your ticket now and benefit from valuable information and orientation aids.

17 April 2024
2:40 pm

GDI Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute Rüschlikon

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