The Global Cyber Conference will provide the opportunity to connect with global industry experts and organizations to share their insights into the latest trends to enhance cyber security within businesses in the fight against cybercrime.

Connect – Learn – Secure

This is the first edition of the annual Global Cyber Conference connecting over 500 senior security leaders, key stakeholders and decision-makers from the cyber industry, to discuss concepts, foster reflection and exchanges on how to secure their business. Learn about winning cybersecurity strategies and new defence mechanisms to stay ahead of the curve of the constantly changing technology. Cyber security is an integral part of any business as cybercrime is a colossal issue for businesses, governments and organisations. Meet with the world’s most famous hacker to discover critical vulnerabilities and reveal how technology will impact your organisation. Discover the industry rising trends, challenges, expert opinion and advice on cybersecurity statistics and insight into the future.

22 September 2022 — 23 September 2022
2:40 pm

The Dolder Grand Zurich

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