This GRC focuses on biological aspects of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) especially with respect to their functions in key cellular processes. The conference explores the roles of IDPs in biological materials and interfaces that include physiological amyloids, membrane-less organelles and functional nuclear architectures. It discusses the importance of structural disorder in biological mechanisms ranging from cell signaling to chromatin organization, circadian rhythms and cell-cycle progression, and introduces experimental and computational methods to delineate these functions at different levels of resolution and over multiple time and length-scales.

The main scientific objectives of this conference are to bring together scientists working on understanding the fundamental principles of IDPs and their biological implications. As such, a broad array of experts will introduce ongoing efforts to:

  • Delineate basic physicochemical properties of IDPs and how they enable unique biological functions.
  • Outline the roles of IDPs in cellular organization and biomolecular regulation.
  • Address experimental and computational challenges to characterizing IDPs in different biological contexts.
  • Connect biophysical and biochemical aspects of IDPs with behaviors observed in complex cellular environments.
  • Discuss dysregulation of IDPs in human diseases and how they may be targeted for therapeutic intervention.

We encourage participation in the conference by scientists already working in the disordered proteins field, cell biologists working on IDP-related molecular processes, and pharmacologists seeking new targets but also welcome others less familiar with the pervasive roles of IDPs in biology and disease. We especially encourage young scientists to attend this GRC, and the accompanying GRS, to learn about the scientific challenges and opportunities that await them.

26 June 2022 — 1 July 2022
2:40 pm

Eurotel Victoria Les Diablerets

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