I am very happy to welcome you to the LS2 Annual Meeting 2023 which will again be held at the Irchel Campus of the University of Zurich. Our Annual Meeting brings together scientists from all the different life science sections that form LS2 and it will again broadcast the vast variety of the high quality research done in Switzerland. The Annual Meeting will again give us the chance to interact with scientists from many different countries and of different scientific background both of which are key to the success of LS2.

The general topic of the Annual Meeting is “Life on Earth: Coping with Challenges”. The scientific committee is proud to announce keynote lectures given by world-renowned colleagues. The three keynote lectures will be given by Prof. Richard Simerly from the Vanderbilt University, Prof. Sharona Gordon from the University of Washington and Prof. Lea Sistonen from the Åbo Akademi University, Turku Centre for Biotechnology. They will give insight in their exciting research on the impact of nutrition and hormones in the development of neural circuits that control behaviour and metabolism, ion channel regulation in response to inflammatory mediators and the action of heat shock transcription factors in cell stress, reproduction and cancer. In addition, the Young Scientists’ Satellite will be opened by Prof. Giles Yeo from the University of Cambridge who is an expert in the study of genetic causes of metabolic disease, but who is also a thrilling example how complex research findings can be communicated to the public.

The keynote lectures will be embedded into an exciting program with scientific symposia organized by the different LS2 sections and partners, including more than 18 invited speakers and approx. 35 speakers who will be selected based on their abstract submissions. As every year, we will of course be very much looking forward to the laureate talks of the winners of the Prix Schläfli, Friedrich Miescher Award and the Lelio Orci Award. We will also enjoy two poster sessions and a larger exhibition area.

Nothing can replace the scientific exchange of in-person meetings. Therefore, please take the chance to join us in Zurich for 2 ½ days of exciting scientific formal and informal discussions. LS2 is the only life science meeting in Switzerland with such a broad scientific program, and the interaction with our young scientists has always been an important aspect of the LS2 Annual Meetings.

I also want to take the opportunity to sincerely thank all our sponsors and exhibitors for their important contributions that make our 2023 Annual Meeting possible. I encourage you all to visit their booths and discuss with their representatives about latest technological developments.

Together with the scientific committee and the entire team which is involved in the preparation of the meeting, we really look forward to this meeting and we hope to welcome many of you in Zurich.

16 February 2023 — 17 February 2023
2:40 pm

University of Zurich Campus Irchel

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